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Day 2 of “CumberGate

30 Sep

As a reporter, I would like to ask the following question: “Will Lil Kim and V be meeting in Hoboken to get a little tortilla action on?”….If that is the case…I would like to get in on that action….

Erin And
Las Desnudas spokeswoman and resident hoe


DAFL – 2 Spots left

17 Aug

For Immediate Release on

2 Spots Left in the DAFL

Update on the league, we are almost booked up. There are 2 SPOTS LEFT. However there are 4 owners that have indicated they want to join. Means two will be cut. Some of you have mentioned that you will send payment. To keep it fair, spots will close once payment is received. To ensure your spot, send payment today.
For checks or money order send $95
(Address removed)

Paypal: For immediate confirmation, send $98.05 via Paypal to Jairo27
For your FYI, the breakdown is $95 DAFL fee + 2.9% & .30 Paypal fees)

NOTE: I will return all payments received after the 12 DAFL spots have been filled. So do not worry about sending in the payment.


JizzWax out of the DAFL?

13 Aug

For Immediate Release:

With the DAFL fee due today, all teams have made arrangements to pay the entrance money to ensure their spot this season. Jadi R., owner of the JizzWax advised the commissioner that his payment will be received by Sunday. This information was only provided after the commissioner repeatedly made attempts to contact the Jizz. “I am not a mind reader. I clearly told all, first come first serve. There are a few spots left. Last year’s champion came to my house this morning with a check in hand. Everyone seems to be following protocol. If a twelfth team pays today , goodbye JizzWax.” Many supporters of the DAFL are surprised. Everyone believed that the Manhattan based team had money and could easily make a payment. Guess the Concrete Jungle is not the place where dreams are made of? No worries JizzWax there are rumors of open spots in the Florida DAFL B-League. Welcome back to Orland, we heard rent is cheaper there…maybe then you will be able to pay on time.

Jadi saying Hello to reporters this morning

DAFL Blog is alive again

11 Aug

After a 3 year coma, the DAFL blog has been given CPR and is once again breathing. Our previous editor, Jadi Rodriguez failed to write an article when the site was originally launched in 2007. In addition, and allow personalized league articles to be featured on their site. Making an external blog unnecessary. However, due to all the new fantasy league companies out there, DAFL has the option of changing shop at anytime. It is important to document our league history on our personal external site. WordPress was chosen as the hosting company for the DAFL blog. They have email feature that allows users to post articles directly on the blog site.  All emails sent via the main DAFL League page on CBSsports will auto generate an article on this blog. Keeping our blog site up to date automatically.

Jadi… You are FIRED!!

9 Oct

CEO of the Dirty Animal Football League announced on Tuesday that he has fired Jadihel Rodriguez, Director of Technology and Blogging Media.  “I prefer not to get into the details but I will say this, you got to play hard and work harder.  Jadi was not doing any of these things for the DAFL.”  It is rumored that Jadi has not been totally fired but will serve as the Custodial Engineer for the Toilet Division of the DAFL.  “We are now taking application.  Please send us an email.

JP announces a new column

8 Oct

DAFL International announced on Monday, October 8th 2007, of plans to publish a new column called Dear Chris.  Chris, a former coach and owner of  the Da Preditors , a sorry DAFL team in 2006.  He failed to make the winners list in 2007 due to poor management and an atrocious record.  Chris plans to enlighten the DAFL with his negative thoughts and ridiculous ideas.  Please welcome Chris back to the DAFL.