2016 DAFL Season | XIV Championship Breakdown & Payout

16 Mar

Thursday, March 16th, 2017


2016 DAFL Season | XVI Championship Breakdown & Payout

Congratulations for advancing and excelling through the 2016 Post season. As part of the XVI DAFL Championship, you are entitled to eternal bragging rights as well as a monetary prize. Please see breakdown below.

1st Place goes to Jairo, GM of the Empire State Furry Ferrets
2nd Place goes to Marco, GM of Suck My Woodhead

Score: FF 144.8 to SMW 90.7

$1680 collected for 12 DAFL subscriptions ($140.00 x 12 Teams). Below is the breakdown of fees:

  • $25.00 Trophy Plaque Fee. Reoccurring fee covers DAFL trophy cost and new plaques engraved
  • $159.99 CBSSPORTS.com Commissioner annual fee ($13.33 per team)
  • $0.00 Toilet Bowl Champion payout. We normally give money to the Toilet bowl winner, not this year
  • $70.00 3rd Place. This is the first time we are doing a 3rd place prize. The 3rd place winner will win 50% back of DAFL fee. This will go to Henry of You Bet Thank You.

The Math: 25.00 + 159.99 + 0.00 + 70.00 = $254.99 (round up to $255)
The Pot: $1680 – $255= $1425 (This will be divided between 1st and 2nd place winner)

DAFL Championship X
VI Breakdown 1st Place: 75% of $1425 = $1068.75 for Furry Ferrets
DAFL Championship XIV Breakdown 2nd Place: 25% of $1425 = $356.25 for Suck My Woodhead

Trophy: Hand made in Brooklyn by fantasytrophies.com, The DAFL trophy known as “The Hubba Bubba”, is displayed in the DAFL Headquarters located in North Bergen NJ. Jadi has yet to have his name printed on this trophy.

Thank You for participating in the DAFL. See you next season.

All the best, oh yeah, I am your daddy,

DAFL Commissioner | Owner of Furry Ferrets
2012 DAFL Champions
2016 DAFL Champions

DAFL BLOG | https://dafl.wordpress.com
Support your local Ferret rescue


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