2016 Ultimate Winner – Ferrets win it all

28 Dec


David Johnson and Empire State Furry Ferrets win it all..

It’s all over now but the crying. Empire State Furry Ferrets gave Suck My WoodHead a 144.8 to 90.7 point drubbing. Empire State Furry Ferrets’ win ended Suck My WoodHead’s three game winning streak.

Empire State Furry Ferrets ended their triumphant season at 10 – 5. Suck My WoodHead will close their 2016 campaign at 11 – 4.

David Johnson and Travis Kelce were the prime movers for Empire State Furry Ferrets, delivering 29.6 and 22 points, respectively. A good performance by Kelce has been crucial for Empire State Furry Ferrets all year, as they have gone 6 – 1 when he exceeds expectations, and 2 – 4 when he doesn’t. He basically ran a three cone drill to weave through and then blow past the Denver defense for a long TD.

In addition to Johnson and Kelce, Empire State Furry Ferrets got five other good efforts, including 20.5 points from LeSean McCoy. The only real bad apple in Empire State Furry Ferrets’ orchard this week was the Bills Defense/ST, who scored 2 points. Bad performances are pretty common these days for the Bills, who have now underperformed the experts’ predictions in five straight games.

Meanwhile, Thomas Rawls stuck out as the worst performer for Suck My WoodHead, dropping only 0.8 points. Rawls is in the midst of a troubling sequence, having seen his point total fall every week for the last three weeks. Adding to their problems, Suck My WoodHead’s tight end, Vernon Davis, was the worst at his position this week.


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