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2015 DAFL League Address

11 Jun

Greetings Fellow GM’s:

After an exciting 2014 season resulting in a Desnudas league championship, I bring you the 2015 State of the League Address.

First thing first, if you plan on leaving the DAFL, please advise ASAP so we can fill the spot.


This is up in the air. Last year some of us met at Juice’s apartment. Kimberly brought some delicious mortadella and motz which must become a standard


Proposed Draft Dates

MONDAY, AUGUST 31st @ 7:30 PM




Please respond on which day DOES NOT work for you. Once I hear from everyone I will choose the best date that works for the majority of GM’s.


Note that the NFL season begins on Thursday, September 10th…..Pittsburgh @ New England.



Assuming that Kimberly’s food stamps are still coming in, our budget this year’s budget will be slightly higher.


DAFL Flat Fee:                                 $120

Sportsline League Renewal:       $149.99 ($12.50 per team)

Toilet Bowl Payout :                      $20            ($1.67 per team)

Other (DAFL Bank):                         $60.00     ($5.00 per team)


Total Entry Fee – rounding to     $140


140 x 12 =                         $1,440.00

– 149.99

–   20.00

–   60.00


Total payout:                                  $1,210,00


75% or $907.50 to the DAFL Champion rounding to $905

25% or $302.07 to the runner-up rounding to $300

***note: if anyone has problems with the increase, please let me know. If multiple owners complain, I will adjust accordingly***



Rule Change: DRAFT ORDER

This year the draft re-ordering will only be hit once. Received lots of complaints about the 3x order. However, having an eyewitness while the commissioner does it is still mandatory.

Last year we did an experiment by charging $1.00 extra per transaction, ie waiver wire/trades, etc. Although there was no charge for the transactions, the extra amount gained was in the significant. The extra money can be used to increase the winnings, spread some money back to division champs, or whatever. More importantly, it will add a level of maturity to our waiver wire process. If you want a player bad enough, it may cost you $1.

 I propose we add a small fee to the waiver wire only. We could vote on implementing it as well as agree on the amount. Fee can be anywhere from .25¢ to $1.00 per waiver wire move.

 Any questions on this or any of the rules let me know or you can check all the rules, scoring system and the DAFL Constitution on the site under the League Home link then League details link on the drop down.



I will be purchasing the league for the 2015 season and will be sending out a draft as soon as I have another member from the league next to me. I will click the “reset draft order” button only once so the first notice you get will be the official draft order.

I have updated your team’s trophy case for 2014’s division and league titles. Go to the League Home tab then the History tab then Years tab to click the specific year you would like to review. The site has also updated league records which you can also find in the History tab.

Email me with any input or ideas you may have, or remind me of something I forgot to cover and let me know what draft day DOES NOT work for you.


Thank you,



DAFL Commissioner

GM – The Furriest of the Ferrets