2014 DAFL Season | XIV Championship Breakdown & Payout

3 Feb

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015
Attention: Juice

2014 DAFL Season | XIV Championship Breakdown & Payout

Congratulations for advancing and excelling through the 2014 Post season. As part of the XIV DAFL Championship, you are entitled to eternal bragging rights as well as a monetary prize. Please see breakdown below.

$1436.22 collected for 12 DAFL subscriptions ($120.00 x 11 Teams + $116.22/JM, he was short $3.78). Below is the breakdown of fees:

  • $48.00 Trophy Fee. Reoccurring fee covers DAFL trophy cost of approximately $400 ($4 per team)
  • $160.00 CBSSPORTS.com Commissioner annual fee ($13.33 per team)
  • $20.00 Toilet Bowl Champion payout. Deduct $3.78 (2014), deduct 10 (for all the yrs he paid minus $1 of the total fee every year – Crooked Senators ($1.67 per team)
  • $20.00 Plaque fee. Engraved plaque with DAFL Champion to be added to trophy ($1.67 per team)

The Math: 48.00 + 160.00 + 20.00 + 20.00 = $248
The Pot: $1436 – $248 = $1188 (This $1188 will be divided between 1st and 2nd place winner)

DAFL Championship XIV Breakdown 1st Place:
75% of $1188 = $891.00 for Las Desnudas / Juice
DAFL Championship XIV Breakdown 2nd Place: 25% of $1188 = $297.00 for Big Ole TDs / Bal H

Loss/Owed Money: JM owes the DAFL $3.78 this season for only paying $116.22, As a result, he owes Juice $2.83 and Bal $.94 . You can contact Dog the Bounty Hunter @dogthebountyhunter.com. He requires a $3k down payment.

Trophy: Hand made in Brooklyn by fantasytrophies.com, The DAFL trophy known as “The Hubba Bubba”, is displayed in the DAFL Headquarters located in North Bergen. If the Champion would like to hold the trophy during the offseason, $105 deposit is required. This partially protects the league in the event of damage or total loss of the trophy. The entire deposit will be returned to the Champion at the draft in exchange for the trophy.

Thank You for participating in the DAFL. See you next season.


DAFL Commissioner | Owner of Furry Ferrets
2012 DAFL Champions | DAFL BLOG | https://dafl.wordpress.com
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