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Draft Recap

26 Aug

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Draft Recap
Draft Recap

Master Drafter

When the dust settled from the draft, Hopelawn Maulers were left on top. Their starters project out to score more points than any other team this year. Coach Efrain Santiago made some savvy pickups in Michael Floyd, Bernard Pierce, and Roddy White. Floyd was Hopelawn Maulers’ best pick in the draft, adding the expected value of a pick taken 27 spots earlier.

The Matt Millen Award Goes To…

Coach Kimberly Sierchio might want to ask Coach Efrain Santiago for some help next year, as their starting squad is ranked dead last in expected points. Coach Sierchio reached for several players, including Jermichael Finley, Torrey Smith, and Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick was HoboKnights’ worst pick in the draft, taken 32 spots ahead of what his projections suggest.

Tale of Two Drafts

Coach Francia Delgado was apparently saving their good picks for last. While they ranked 11th in expected value added during the first half of the draft, they ranked 2nd over the last 8 picks. In the first half, Coach Delgado reached for several players, including Matthew Stafford and the 49ers defense. They turned things around in the second half with picks like Tavon Austin, who was rated as the best pick in the draft.

Plenty In Reserve

Empire State Furry Ferrets has a good group of starters, who project out to be the 6th highest scoring group. Their real strength might be in their bench however, which is the best in the league. Empire State Furry Ferrets’ bench is stocked with solid backups like Ahmad Bradshaw, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Eli Manning, and Lance Moore. Manning rates as the best backup quarterback in the league.

Well Aged Vintage

Crooked Senators have to be hoping that experience is going to make the difference, as they ended up with the oldest team in the draft. Their squad includes such long-in-the-tooth folks like Phil Dawson (38), Tom Brady (36), and Steve Smith (34). That strategy didn’t really pay off, as Crooked Senators are projected to have the 4th worst starting lineup in the league.

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