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2012 DAFL Draft Review

5 Sep

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the 12th year of DAFL football. 256 players were picked in this years draft. Total elapsed time for all 16 rounds were 180 minutes and 48 seconds. This averages out to 15 minutes and 4 seconds for 16 rounds per team and averages out to 1.25 minutes per pick.

1st Picksby Year:
2009 – Adrian Peterson – Tete’s Avengers (Balmoris)
2010 – Chris Johnson – Manhattan JizzWax (Jadi)
2011 – Adrian Peterson – HoboKnights (Kimberly)
2012 – Aaron Rodgers – Hopelawn Maulers (Efrain)

Total Time elapsed

For all her complaining during the draft, Kimberly took themost time in selecting her picks (Close to 25 minutes). Her response when questioned about her double standards, “ I don’t give an F&@%. This league is a joke.” I was in 2nd but keep in mind I had to run the draft and was getting swamped with your issues and complaints for the entire 16 rounds. I truly felt like Rocky Balboa.

Team TotalTime

HoboKnights 24min 50 sec
Furry Ferrets 20min 37 sec
North Bergen Desnudas 19min 38 sec
Hopelawn Maulers 16min 53 sec
Dobb Ferry Fairies 16min 0 sec
Brooklyn T’s 15min 34 sec
You Bet Thank You 13min 53 sec
Miami Hustlin 13min 50 sec
Crooked Senators 13min 7 sec
NJ Gunslingers 10min 32 sec
Hudson JizzWax 10min 4 sec
Mimoronga 5min 31 sec

Draft Year TotalTime Taken

2012 180min 48 sec (16 rounds)
2011 138min 22 sec (16 rounds)
2010 119min 2 sec (15 rounds)

J. Paredes
DAFL Commissioner
Empire State Ferrets