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Rumors: Ferrets will not renew Orlando DAFL Contract in 2012

20 Sep

For Immediate Release:


  On Tuesday ESPN leaked a rumor about the Ferrets not reaching an agreement with the DAFL (Orlando). The Ferret’s legal team headed by Jadi Rodriguez issued the following statement, “As a legacy team in this league, the Ferrets understand their responsibility in continuing their support of Orlando’s DAFL. The team’s demands are not extraordinary and therefore feel that they should be met in its entirety.”

 Our journalist have not determined what those demands are. However we do believe the lack of prize money as well as being able to pick up a free agents on Sunday during live play has lots to do with it.

  Jairo did not comment to the media but was heard saying, “This is bullshit”. We are unclear what this statement meant. We did confirm there was no bull manure anywhere near his feet at the time.

Vida Guerra
DAFL Reporter


Ferrets looking for a new logo?

20 Sep

Ferrets have publicly announced a new logo is in the works. They have partnered up with FurryMedia and FurryGraphix on this newest venture.

From the DAFL office

8 Sep

For immediate Release:

To DAFL Fans:

This may be the first week of the regular season, but it has the feel of a DAFL Championship on steroids. Aside from Kimberly’s testosterone shots, All of us in the DAFL appreciate your patience and understanding through what was a most unusual and challenging off-season. Now we are ready to enjoy what fantasy football is all about — great players, great stories, trash talking, intense competition, the performance and passion surrounding America’s most popular game.

Thanks to the hard work of CBSSports, club owners, teams, and Gabe Suporta, the DAFL’s pledge to deliver great football to our fans has been strengthened and is more secure than ever. We start the regular season and the race to DAFL Championship XI with tremendous anticipation and momentum.

We want you most of all to sit back and enjoy it – in your toilet, at work, at the strip club, jail, on television, and wherever else you connect with the DAFL. Football fans enjoying football is what we love.

Be assured, however, that we believe in better. Players, owners, coaches, team and league staff – working together — will be putting our collective foot on the accelerator. We have more work to do to improve our fantasy league and game on a variety of fronts. We will do that by continuing to focus on the quality of the game and innovation. And we will do it relentlessly.

On behalf of everyone in the DAFL, thank you for your incredible support, and thank you especially for sharing your views with us. Please keep it coming. Yes, even Jadi’s suggestions are appreciated. We value your opinion because it helps make us better. The passion of our GMs and communities is what makes the DAFL so special.

Thank you again. Let’s get it started.

Jairo Paredes

Kimberly Sierchio
Commissioner in training

Same Old D.A.F.L.

6 Sep


New D.A.F.L. Commissioner Kimberly Sierchio released the following statement earlier today:

“No more Bullshit. Everyone is well aware that 100 is to be provided to Co-Commissioner Jairo on or before draft day.
This has become an increasingly troublesome time of year for the DAFL. Jairo has to pay out of pocket up front for CBS fees and has to continually wait for payment.
If you are not paid by 8 PM ET tomorrow or reach out to myself or Jairo about making payment with a legitimate reason why you cannot make the deadline the following will happen:
1. Your team name will be my choosing until you pay.
2. You cannot trade/drop/pick up any players until you pay.
3. You will be forced to bench 1 player, aside from the kicker, until you pay.(This is not concrete yet, but may be put into effect as well)

If you are having financial troubles and need to speak to someone please reach out to myself or Jairo, I am sure we can work out a payment plan or something. I hear Juan Medolla is now a loan shark and only charges 400%.

There’s a new Commish in town.

#1 DAFL Analyst
Gabe Suporta