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Minus 2 Teams – DAFL is back to a 12 team league

26 Aug

For immediate release:

Ab Smith, owner of the Iced Assassins, was one of the 2 teams kicked out of the DAFL today. Jose Paez, owner of the War Machine was the second to fall.

The Iced Assassins proved they were a legit contender in their freshman year of the DAFL by making it all the way to the championship. Many believe that the Iced Assassins were really owned by Kimmy. Giving her better odds at finally winning some money in the DAFL.

Jose’s team, War Machine, did not perform well last season. The owner also failed to trash talk all season.

The Magnum East and Durex North have only 2 teams in their division due to the recent teams departure. All divisions will need to be re-calibrated to a total of 3 teams per division.

Thank You,
Vida G.
DAFL Reporter


DAFL minor league announcement

16 Aug

Looking for a league name to define the DAFL minor league.. Naughty Animal Football League?

For Immediate Release:

The Dirty Animal Football League has been operating in someway or another since 2000. Team development has been a forefront topic in ensuring a competitive and fun enterprise. Three years ago DAFL turned into a money league raising the stakes from its previous free status. Last year’s champion, MimoRonga, started out in the minor leagues (Florida DAFL minor leagues) several years back. However the same cannot be said for the JizzWax and Vegas Hustling who also started in this development league. An example of teams that prove themselves in the minors but fail to produce once they reach the DAFL. What is the reason?

There are also internal issues that can be fixed by introducing new blood. Every year an email goes out from the commissioner asking if that team will remain in the DAFL. Owners for the most part take their sweet time in confirming while others have to be hounded for an answer. There are also delays in receiving payment from some owners. Why is this and how can the minors help? Theoretically it should be simple. Create a minor league that will train new talent and prepare the top teams to join the DAFL the following year. In return, the bottom “X amount” of DAFL teams (under performing aka fail to maintain a winning season) or owners that fail to pay dafl dues by the deadline will be downgraded to the minor league. This way it ensures everyone is on top of their game and not just on top of Kimmy.

Renowned football expert Brittany Spears has shown major interest in the new minor league structure. She will donate $25 – $50 to the 2011 league winner. Yes, the minor league will have a prize at the end. There is no money to join making it a free league open to anyone to join.

Name of league
New minor league name has not been determined. Open to suggestions so please send them in.

Can current DAFL teams also have a team playing in the minors?
Yes. Up to 4 teams from the DAFL can play in the minor league. There will be no Championship money awarded to a DAFL team. Even if your team is demoded to the minors, you cannot collect prize money.

Main reason I want DAFL teams present in the minors is to keep the expected trash talk tone up. Show them the ropes. However you must change your team name when joining. For example, JP’s team is called Burly Beavers.

If you are interested in joining, please email .

Where is the league hosted?
League will be hosted on cbssports, same as the DAFL.  Making it easy for you to check both leagues under one portal.

Primary goal of the minor league is to pump membership into the DAFL.  There will be several minor leagues (free league) created in CBS Sports.

For more information, please contact the commissioner.