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2011 DAFL State of League Address

21 Jun

Greetings Fellow GM’s:

I hope this message reaches you in good times. Please read entire email…..

Although as of right now there is officially no confirmation that we will have any football this season, the DAFL will operate under the assumption that the NFL lock out will be resolved and we will have a 2011 season….So with that said, I bring you the 2011 State of the League Address.


First off the 2011 DAFL DRAFT will be held on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 at 8:15 PM place TBD. Kimberly has expressed an interest in running a live draft. I will leave this up to her for planning. Kimberly I got a draft kit just in case. However please keep in mind that we have owners across the country and across the borders. It is always our goal to get everyone to the draft in-person, however, I understand that this date may not work for everyone and/or you are lazy bastards. I ask that each of you give me a “yes” or “no” as to whether you will be able to make it in-person or not. I have alternate dates in mind if necessary (Friday, Sept 2nd or Wed Aug 31st).

**NOTE** If the lockout continues up to the date of our draft we will most likely have to postpone the draft to a later date since
we will not know where free agents will be playing and what rookies will have been cut etc.

This year’s budget has changed from the previous year see *Note* below. Also note that the estimates and payouts are contingent on a 14 team league. Figures will change should we sway back to a 12 team league or jump up to a 16 team league:


Sportsline League Renewal: $149.99 – $10.71 per team
Toilet Bowl Payout: $20 – $1.43 per team
Trophy & Plaque Flat Fee: $7 per team

Total Entry Fee –  rounding  to      $100 

100 x 14 =                         $1,400.00
–                    149.99
–                      20.00
                                                             –                      98.00

Total pay out:                                           $1,132.00

75% or $849 to the DAFL Champions  rounding to $850
25% or $283 to the runner-up  rounding to $280

*NOTE*  that if there is a shortened season these figures are subject to change…also see 
                  what Sportsline has posted on the site in case there is no football or shortened 
                  season.  I have also increased the Flat Fee from $75 to $80 to make the total 
                  entry fee a clean $100 as opposed to last year’s $95. 
PPR- There may be one major change to the league from last year.  We are exploring transitioning the DAFL into a
PPR (points per reception) league.   A player will be awarded one (1) point for each reception they have.  That includes RB’s, WR’s and QB’s. This is in addition to points scored due by yards gained per catch.
Any questions on the rules let me know or you can check all the rules, scoring system and the DAFL 
Constitution on the site under the League Home then the Rules link. 

In 2010, DAFL had 14 teams competing for the crown across 4 divisions. In order to even the team numbers across all divisions, I will be looking to either increase our League’s team roster to 16 or decrease it to 12 teams. Having an even league also makes playoff times much easier to calculate. Would also provide an adequate bye week to top seeded teams. If you know someone that wants to join, please send their information to myself and Kimberly.
I kindly ask each and every owner to confirm they will be returning to DAFL in 2011. If no update is received, I will either assume you are in or eventually remove you from the roster to make way for other teams. 

I have purchased the league for the 2011 season and will be sending out a draft order notice.  I will have 1 or 2 independent GM’s present to watch me press the reset draft order button.  As you know you will receive a notice each time a draft order is set.  Please note the 3rd notice/order is the official order.  I always click the “reset draft order” button two times to mix up last year’s order and consider the 3rd time around as the official order.  I will send official results out. The DAFL is entering it’s 11th season.  I want to thank everyone for their continued interest, support and 
participation in our historic league.  I will also be updating your team’s trophy case for 2010’s division and 
league titles.   

Congrats to Mimo for winning it all in 2010. Now it is time to return the crown to New Jersey.

Jairo Paredes

DAFL Commissioner 
GM – Furry Ferrets